Moat Note Servicing provides a variety of integrated note servicing options.

Types of Notes We Service

  • Residential
  • Land
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Mobile Homes
  • Contract for Deed

Actions Resulting in Additional Fees

  • Research Fee – An additional fee will be applied to your account should we find errors and/or incorrect data provided in the intake packet. Please contact us to discuss in further detail.
  • Insurance Fee – An additional fee will be applied to each escrowed account that requires MNS to implement the insurance.

Services Included in Monthly Fees

  • Welcome Packets are sent directly to the Borrowers
  • Monthly Mortgage Payments are Collected
  • “On Line” Access to your account 24/7 (Available to Lenders & Borrowers)
  • Payments are processed daily
  • (ACH) direct deposit to Lender’s Account
  • Accurate records of every payment made and disbursed
  • Record and track escrow payments for each note
  • Pursue late payments by sending late notices, including but not limited to the 120 day default notice.
  • Provide year-end financial accounting required for IRS (1098 and 1099)
  • Year-end Escrow Analysis completed on each property